What is daqphibian?


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Daqphibian is a State of The Art Data Acquisition system. Daqphibian is a system with high customizability for Biological - Physiological and other Electrical Bio-signals data acquisition, capable of working in the harshest environments .*


With daqphibian, collecting outdoors or simply "out-of-the-lab" Bio-signals has never been easier. Just connect and start recording. No difficult or time-consuming setups. Daqphibian was designed to work indoors or outdoors, it can be used as a desktop, indoors or as an outdoors system that can even work underwater (Yes, it is IP67 sealed unit and can be used by swimmers, divers or other subjects where underwater data acquisition or continuous one is required) , it can also be used in environments with high level of dirt or dust like the swamp, jungle, or even hot or cold deserts.*


Daqphibian can be configured to your needs or preferences. It can even be produced with custom colors, camouflage or patterns to seamless blend with military or civilian uniforms or any particular attires making this an ideal solution for both short and long term research on any population.


What makes Daqphibian unique?


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Daqphibian is an affordable, lightweight, waterproof, dust proof bio-signals data acquisition system. Some of its main features are:


  • IP67 sealed unit.
  • Light and Portable.
  • Fully customizable.
  • Affordable.
  • Fixed or Open channel configuration* up to 27 channels (Daisy Chained Configuration) or 24 fixed EEG channels (on a single module).
  • 10 to 24 Bits resolution.*
  • Up to 1000 Hz per channel Sampling Rate.*
  • Wireless Charging up to 24 Hrs of battery life.*
  • Up to 24 Hours of continuous recording.*
  • Multiple Bio-signals and Sensors Data Acquisition and recording.*
  • Wireless PC connection Bluetooth 2.0 - BLE 4.0. *
  • SD data storing for unsupervised data collection. *
  • Custom configurations available: Custom Technological package development or customization. Just bring us your current system and we will do our best to incorporate it into our system, if possible.


    Who is daqphibian intended for?


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    Daqphibian is for everyone. But we focused our development on researcher working in the related areas, and for the most demanding research conditions.


    Also, Daqphibian is especially useful for research on some very specialized areas where data from subjects, working in complex environments, is required:

  • Academic demonstrations (low-cost option available - really tough design).
  • Indoors and Outdoors Research (comparative studies).
  • Professional Bio-signals Research (High-grade signals*).
  • Military Research (Army, Navy, Airforce, etc).
  • Aquatic Research (Rescue teams, Coast guards).
  • Law Enforcement Research.
  • Aerial - Terrestrial and Aquatic environments related Research.
  • Human-Computer Interface Research.
  • Sports and Field related environments Research.

    logowww Daqphibian is not a medical device.
    • Continuous, long exposure to sun or water can cause damages to the system.
    Please consult us about your intended use.
    • Note: Available for specific models and configurations - subject to change without notice.


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