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Research Line

Our company produces top-quality and state-of-the-art research equipment for laboratories in areas related to life sciences, for their researchers, or for special institutional projects in the field of psychology research, medicine, and cognitive rehabilitation, among others.

Likewise, we represent and distribute equipment from the most recognized manufacturers in the world in this field.

When you think of the best equipment brands on the market, think of us and the products we represent.

Brands we represent

Educational Line

Education is the key to accessing knowledge, and the door to development and progress in research and innovation. For this reason, we are focused on offering the best software systems, equipment, and tools that facilitate learning, so that university students and schoolchildren can have the most advanced educational tools and the best quality, in the fields of psychology, physiotherapy, medicine and rehabilitation among others.

We firmly believe that education should be based on learning that has meaning for the student, that is, "learning by doing", therefore, our commitment is to provide the best tools for it.

Professional Line

We want to provide you with the best software systems, equipment, and most advanced technologies for biomedical applications, neurology, psychology, medicine, sports medicine, and cognitive rehabilitation, both from our brand and the worldwide brands we represent. This allows professional users to make measurements of greater precision and reliability in research processes and advanced projects in their professional field.

Custom Development and Fabrication Line

Our company has the technical capabilities and the tools to make your ideas and projects come true, no matter how big or small. For this, we invite you to contact our engineers and researchers, who will be in charge of analyzing your needs or projects to propose solutions and turn them into specific products according to your requirements.