Long Range Acoustic Device LRAD-RX

Model: AA76119

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The Long Range Acoustic Device LRAD-RX is an acoustic hailing and warning device comprised of a highly directional acoustic array (beam width 15°) that is designed for long-range communication and unmistakable warning. This device can issue clear, authoritative verbal commands and has the capability of following up with powerful deterrent tones to influence behavior or determine intent at great distances.

The LRAD-RX produces highly intelligible voice transmissions over 88 dB of background noise beyond 1250 meters and is capable of communicating over 3000 meters away in a benign environment. It produces a maximum continuous output of 152 dB SPL at 1 meter.

The LRAD-RX can be operated remotely across an IP network enabling system operators to respond to potential threats from a safe environment while creating a complete unmanned perimeter security solution. The LRAD-RX accepts intruder position information from other IP-enabled sensor systems to automatically find and track potential threats. These optional integrated components include radar, thermal imaging, ground sensors, and swimmer detection sensors. These sensors give the LRAD-RX a larger safety zone providing security personnel additional time and valuable information if an elevated intruder response becomes necessary.

The Long Range Acoustic Device LRAD-RX features an emitter head, integrated camera, high-intensity searchlight (optional) and robust full pan and tilt capability for precise aiming and tracking. Audio output from the LRAD-RX is highly directional so nearby personnel and system operators are not exposed to excessive audio levels, while still providing exceptional voice intelligibility and tonal clarity over long distances. The LRAD-RX also features an easy-to-use software control interface. The software control interface allows system operators to program movement commands for automated scanning, assess real time video feed, or play pre-recorded warning messages or aversion tones through the LRAD-RX.

The LRAD-RX's camera employs a 26x optical zoom lens combined with a digital zoom function that allows operators to zoom to 312x. Optional upgrades including a 7.5 million candlepower searchlight and a variety of sensor inputs (radar, thermal imaging, ground sensors, and swimmer detection sensors) enable operators to create custom security solutions. The LRAD-RX has been specifically designed for use in a variety of security environments where low maintenance, trouble-free operation is a must. The LRAD-RX operators can now turn a passive surveillance network into an active defense that locates, tracks, communicates with, and deters a target. The LRAD-RX is ideal for port security, enforcement of exclusion zones, and many other applications which require perimeter protection.

The technology behind the Long Range Acoustic Device LRAD-RX was developed to support the protection and exclusion zones around U.S. Navy warships following the October 12, 2000 small-boat terrorist attack on the USS Cole off the coast of Yemen killing 17 sailors and causing $240 million in structural damage to the $1 billion ship. Long Range Acoustic Devices are currently used around the world on sea (military, private and commercial vessels), on ground (tanks, armored vehicles, military/police vehicles, structures), and in the air (helicopters).

  • Weight: 320 lbs
  • Optional Sensors: Radar, Thermal Imager, Swimmer Detection, Ground Sensors
  • Available Colors: Gray (model AA76119), White (model AA76127)
  • Dimensions: 53 x 20 x 64 in
  • Positioner Velocity: 60 degrees per second maximum (Adjustable speed for fine positioning)
  • Range of Motion: 430° non-continuous rotation (+/- 215°), +90° to - 90° tilt
  • Communication Interface: Network ready - IP addressable T10/100 based Ethernet
  • Maximum SPL: 152 dB instantaneous tone @ 1 meter
  • Nominal Beam Width: +/- 15° at 1 kHz
  • Power Input: 48 VDC input power
  • Power Requirements: Peak Power Consumption 1100 Watts
  • Construction: Welded Stainless Steel Structure
  • Lens (Camera): 26x Zoom, F=3.5 mm (WIDE) to 91 mm (TELE), F1.6 to F3.8
  • Zoom movement speed: Optical WIDE/Optical TELE 4.0 sec
  • Angle of View (H): 42.0 degree (WIDE end) to 1.6 degree (TELE end)
  • Min. Illumination 2.0 lux/1/60 sec (NTSC), 0.14 lux/1/4 sec (NTSC)
  • ICR-ON Mode: 0.7 lux/1/60 sec (NTSC), 0.05 lux/1/4 sec (NTSC)
  • Operating Temperature: -30 to 50° C (32 to 122°F)
  • Humidity: 20 to 80%
  • Outdoor Enclosure: Watertight, Solar Shield, Nitrogen Filled